Pictograms used in marking Geyser filters


Aragon material is used in the water treatment system


Recommended by the Pasteur St. Petersburg Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, Federal State Scientific Institution, for use at preschool, school, and medical institutions.

25 atmopsheres

The casing used in the water treatment system passed tests at a pressure of 25 atm. Tests were performed by the Testing Center of the Research Institute of Precision Mechanics.

Cooks’ board

Water treated by the filter was tested by St. Petersburg chief cooks and was recommended by Cooks’ board for use in cooking.

Institute of cosmetology

Water treated by the filter was tested by the International Center for Esthetic Medicine. It is has mild cleaning and moistening effect and can be recommended for everyday washing and cosmetic use. It can also be used in combination with other procedures for face and body skin care, and also in the course of rehabilitation therapy after cosmetic procedures.


Unique internal structure of Aragon cartridge fully excludes ingress discharge of filtered-off impurities into purified water.

Active silver

The cartridges contain silver in the metallic form, which is not washed out and cannot get into the purified water. Silver suppresses growth of filtered-off microorganisms.



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