Wash yourself for your health


Healthy skin is not only a symbol of woman’s beauty but also a characteristic of her health. How can one assist to the skin health in summer? Let us learn this from the Chief Physician of the International Institute of Esthetic Medicine, Doctor of Medical Sciences Maiya Kirillovna Kondrashova.

Geyser:  Mrs. Kondrashova,. what factors in summer months are dangerous for skin?

M.K.: The skin health largely depends on its moisture content. The danger of moisture deficiency sharply increases in the summer when the skin is subjected to the effect of heat and sunrays. Everyday cleaning and moistening of skin is important for preserving skin health. One of the most readily available and the cheapest means for skin cleaning and moistening can be filtered tap water.



Geyser: What filtered water can be used for skin moistening?

M.K.: Recently we examined the effect exerted on skin by water purified with Geyser filters. For a scientific experiment we selected a group of twenty volunteers who tested on themselves for a month the effect of water purified with Geyser-3 filter.


It was found that common tap water purified with Geyser filter mildly cleans and moistens skin. It also affects the elasticity and the moisture content dynamics of face and body skin of patients with normal skin type.

Geyser: What aspects of the results were surprising to you?

M.K.: Our goal was to compare the efficiency of using moistening cosmetics and water purified with Geyser filter. In the main group, volunteers used for skin cleaning and moistening the filtered water, and in the control group they used cosmetic milk, lotion, and cream.

Patients of the main group cleaned skin with the filtered water two times a day for a period of 4 weeks. It was found that the filtered water used for washing neither dries nor irritates skin and that it mildly removes excess skin grease and contaminations. The results obtained in the control group were similar.

Geyser: What more discoveries have you made?

M.K.: We decided to reveal the dynamics of the moisture content and pH of face skin for patients who used water purified with Geyser filter. Measurements were performed for a day, with the filtered water applied to one half of face and professional moistening cream, to the other half.


We found that the use of the filtered water did not alter pH of the skin and that the maximal moisture content was observed in 2 h, exceeding by approximately 15–17% the initial level. The professional moistening cream leads to an increase in the moisture content by approximately 55% 2 h after application, and the moistening effect is preserved for 8 h. The pH of the skin does not change either.


Geyser: That is, the only difference between the filtered water and cream is the period of action?

M.K.: Yes, such a conclusion can be made. Specifically this property of water purified with Geyser filter allows it to be recommended, especially in summer months. It maintains the required moisture content of skin. Water purified with Geyser filters is a mild cleaning and moistening agent and can be recommended for everyday use.


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