How to protect children


What should be done to protect a child from bacterial or viral intestinal diseases? Let us learn this from the Head of the Scientific Group of Environmental Microbiology of the Pasteur Research Institute, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Vladimir MALYSHEV.


Geyser:  Mr. Malyshev, what viral diseases are the most frequent today?


V.M.: Among serious problems we tackle are intestinal infections and hepatitis A. A very significant cause of diseases is bad potable water. Its quality is affected by a high degree of wear of water supply networks and by the growing number of accidents in water supply and sewage networks.

Geyser: What should be done to protect children from infection with viruses from tap water?


V.M.: Today the protective function in prevention of viral infections can be fulfilled by household water filters. They are convenient for home use. However, not all the filters equally well eliminate viruses. Therefore, purified water can be given to children only if you are fully sure in the efficiency of your filter.


Geyser: You performed tests of filters. How efficiently do they protect from viral infection?


V.M.: We tested in detail household filters produced by Geyser Company. Our goal was to determine to what extent they retain in common tap water viruses of hepatitis A, rotaviruses, noroviruses, and Escherichia coli.


Even at the virus content in water as high as 1×108 and 1×109, Geyser-3 ensured 100% barrier protection. Let us explain: The virus concentration of 1×106 is the infection level characteristic only of severely contaminated wastewater basins, and the concentration of 1×108 can be obtained only in a laboratory. The results of these tests confirmed the extremely high level of protection ensured by Geyser filters against viruses of hepatitis A (acute hepatitis), rotaviruses, noroviruses, and Escherichia coli (diarrhea intestinal diseases).


Geyser: Why are Geyser filters so efficient in this respect?


V.M.: The point is that that only Geyser filters use a unique polymer, Aragon. None of the presently existing materials compete with Aragon in the efficiency of removal of such a wide range of chemical compounds. Under a microscope, the structure of this filtering material resembles a tangle of interweaving channels in which viruses and Escherichia coli are retained. Filtration channels in Aragon have tortuous shape and porosity, which excludes discharge of filtered-off harmful impurities into the purified water, frequently occurring at pressure jumps in water pipes. Owing to these characteristics, Aragon became a reliable barrier protecting from various viral infections.


Geyser: What can you recommend to parents taking care of the health of their children?


V.M.: Taking into account the results obtained, for water treatment to remove various kinds of infections I can recommend Geyser filters with the tested Aragon cartridges. They can be recommended for permanent use in preschool, school, medical, and other institutions and, of course, at home.


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