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Geyser Prestige 2

The first commonly accessible reverse-osmosis system!
The pretreatment block specially developed by the Geyser Company fully substitutes the three-step prefiltration system used in common reverse-osmosis filters. High-throughput Vontron membrane allows the Geyser Prestige 2 system to operate without an accumulating tank.

Geyser Typhoon

Universal main-line filter Geyser Typhoon for hot and cold water. It purifies cold water in a flat to the potable water quality, removing hardness salts, iron and heavy metal ions, petroleum products, chlorine, foreign odors, and also rust particles and other mechanical impurities.

Aragon 3

Aragon 3 cartridge is the only cartridge combining a unique polymer whose three-dimensional globular structure ensures efficient purification with high-quality activated charcoal. Cold water is purified to the potable water level, and hot water will not damage the household plumbing equipment.

Filters of AquaChef series

Filters of this series use Ecotar multicomponent charge developed by the Geyser Company. The charge consists of cation-exchange resins with various granule sizes, a coarsely porous anion-exchange resin, a special inert resin, and an additional quartz support.

Geyser Aquarius

  • Convenient (water can be poured in without taking off the lid)
  • Increased volume
  • Indicator of time to replace cartridge
  • Modern fashionable design of the filter
  • German plastic of food quality
  • Non-sliding handle and balanced center of gravity make the filter comfortable for use by ladies
  • Can be washed in a dishwashing machine


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