Two-step housefold filter


If you already have a main-line filter for your flat, Geyser 2 filter is an ideal choice. This filter ensures as excellent protection as does Geyser 3, but without the first step of mechanical clearing. This function is fulfilled by the main-line filter.

Geyser 2 is a reasonable choice for everyone who takes care of the potable water quality at home.


  • The sequence of filtering materials in Geyser 2 filter is chosen in an optimal way. This fact allows exhaustive removal of all the occurring contaminants: chlorine, iron, heavy metals, and also of bacteria and viruses, including hepatitis A virus.
  • All the known methods of water treatment are used in the filter: mechanical filtration, ion exchange, sorption, and disinfection with silver. This assures that you obtain pure, useful, and tasty water.
  • With soft water, the filter removes contaminants and preserves the mineral composition. With hard water, it removes hardness salts, making water soft and useful.
  • The most compact filter among stationary filters with a separate tap.
  • No problems with installation in a kitchen, even in a very narrow kitchen box.
  • The only indication of the presence of the filter is an additional chrome-plated tap for purified water over the water-bowl.
  • The set of cartridges in this filter is cheaper than in Geyser 3 filter.
  • Water purified with Geyser 2 can be used for drinking and given to children.
  • Rate of water purification up to 2.5 l/min.

Choice of model

Geyser-2 filter is produced in three main modifications:

Geyser 2 PK Lux - for purification of soft water and hard water with low iron content.
Geyser IV Lux, Geyser 2 I Elite - for purification of soft water and its mineralization.
Geyser 2 IVZh Lux - for purification of hard water with high iron content.

Model design

Geyser-2 filter consists of two flasks in which replaceable cartridges are arranged. The filter design allows easy replacement of each cartridge separately.
All the casings and connections of flasks were tested at a pressure of 25 atm, which exceeds by a factor of 5 (!) the common pressure in the water-supply network.

Geyser 2 PK Lux filter includes a mechanical clearing cartridge and a CBC cartridge.
Geyser IV Lux and Geyser 2 I Elite filters use unique Aragon material and, depending on particular kit, CBC or MMV cartridge.

Geyser 2 IVZh Lux filter includes an Aragon 2 cartridge and a CBC cartridge.

Purification efficiency

Contaminants Beginning of operation life Middle of operation life End of operation life
In soluble particles, rust, sand, silt particles coarser than 1 μm 100% 100% 100%
Iron 99% 99% 97%
Heavy and radioactive metals 100% 100% 98%
Available chlorine 100% 100% 99%
Organic compounds, carcinogens, pesticides 99% 99% 97%
Hepatitis A virus and Escherichia coli 100% 100% 100%


Cartridges of Geyser 2 filter

Large-diameter cartridges of Slim Line standard used in Geyser-2 filter ensure reliable purification of the supplied water. Only cartridges of Slim Line standard can assure high quality of purification and long operation life.

Aragon cartridge

Aragon cartridge is the know-how of the Geyser Company. Aragon filtering material is a unique polymer of combined action. It retains the smallest mechanical particles and removes dissolved chemical impurities owing to complex structure and a combination of sorption and ion exchange mechanisms. Metallic silver incorporated in the polymer structure prevents reproduction of the filtered bacteria and viruses. While purifying water, Aragon changes the structure of the calcium and magnesium salts dissolved in water (hardness salts), thus exerting a quasi-softening effect. As a result, the amount of aragonite, assimilable form of calcium, in water increases by a factor of 10.

Aragon material allows the choice of a filter suitable for natural type of water of any region. For soft water, Aragon S fully preserves in water deficient calcium and magnesium salts. Aragon H or Aragon 2 cartridges are used for hard water. The capacity of Aragon 2 for removal of hardness salts is by an order of magnitude higher than that of Aragon H.

A unique feature of Aragon cartridges is simultaneous operation of two mechanisms for scale elimination: removal of hardness salts by the classical ion-exchange mechanism and the quasi-softening effect, because water saturated with aragonite does not form a strong scale deposit in the course of heating.

The limiting volume being purified by the cartridge is up to 7000 l, and with regenerations it can reach 25000 l. The Aragon cartridge itself prompts when it is necessary to replace or regenerate it: A sharp decrease in the pure water flow rate is a self-indication of the end of the service life.

CBC cartridge

CBC cartridge is used as in Geyser 2 Lux kits. It is made of coconut charcoal fabricated by the carbon block technology. It has higher sorption capacity than granulated charcoal. The cartridge efficiently removes water from chlorine and improves the taste, color, and odor of water. The cartridge material incorporates silver, which suppresses reproduction of bacteria inside the cartridge. The CBC cartridge passed NSF certification, it meets the most stringent international quality requirements.

MMV cartridge

MMV cartridge is used in Geyser 2 Elite kit. It is made of carbon fiber with a large adsorption surface area. Therefore, compared to other sorbents, it is more efficient in removal of organic and chlorinated organic compounds and has longer operation life. MMV cartridge excellently removes chlorine and conditions water, improving its taste, color, and odor. Silver is incorporated in carbon fibers to ensure bacteriostatic effect. The cartridge was certified by the NSF standard.

Mechanical clearing cartridge

These cartridges are used to remove from water mud, suspended particles, and insoluble impurities. The degree of purification is determined by the pore size in the cartridge.

Operation life of cartridges in filters of Geyser 2 series*

Cartridge type Operation life, months Limiting purified water volume, l
Aragon (Aragon 2) 12 7000**
12 7000
V 18 10000
Mechanical 12 6000

*   Approximate value, depends on the initial water quality.
** Can reach 25000 l with repeated regenerations.

Filter installation

Geyser 2 filter is connected in the stationary mode to the cold-water main-line, with a separate tap for purified water. All the parts required for connecting are in the kit with the filter. A special adapter with a cut-off valve is arranged on the cold-water main-line. Then all the connections are made with plastic pipes of hygienic quality, requiring no wrenches for assembling.

It is recommended to use this filter in combination with the main-line mechanical clearing filter installed at the inlet of cold water to the flat. By so doing, the operation life of the cartridges will be significantly prolonged.

Operation of Geyser 2 filter

Control of the filter operation is simple and clear. Just turn the key on the tap and collect pure water. A convenient stainless-steel tap for pure water allows pure water to be collected practically in any vessel without additional movements. The tap design depends on particular filter kit.

Replacement of cartridges

It is extremely simple and convenient to replace a cartridge in a Geyser 2 filter.

For this purpose:


  1. Cut off water supply with a ball valve, installed when connecting the filter.
  2. Relieve the pressure inside the filter by opening the pure water tap.
  3. Unscrew the flask using a wrench supplied with the filter, withdraw the spent cartridge, insert a new cartridge in its place, screw the flask back—and the filter is ready for use.

It is very important that you can regenerate Aragon cartridge independently at home, which will considerably reduce the maintenance cost. The regeneration is performed according to the instruction supplied with the filter.

Geyser 2 PK Lux

  • Filter for purification and conditioning of water.
  • Cartridges of pressed activated charcoal (carbon block) with bacteriostatic silver additive certified by NSF (CRT.062303.02124001.R1).
  • Tap for pure water 3
  • White casing


Geyser IV Lux

  • Filter for purification and mineralization of soft water
  • Cartridges of pressed activated charcoal (carbon block) with bacteriostatic silver additive certified by NSF (CRT.062303.02124001.R1).
  • Tap for pure water 3
  • Aragon M cartridge
  • Calcium dosing unit
  • Possibility of cartridge regeneration
  • White casing

Geyser 2 I Elite

  • Filter for purification and mineralization of soft water
  • Cartridge of MMV carbon fiber with bacteriostatic silver additive
  • Tap for pure water 6
  • Aragon M cartridge
  • Calcium dosing unit
  • Possibility of cartridge regeneration
  • Transparent casing

Geyser 2 IVZh Lux

  • Filter for purification of hard water.
  • Cartridges of pressed activated charcoal (carbon block) with bacteriostatic silver additive certified by NSF (CRT.062303.02124001.R1).
  • Tap for pure water 3
  • Aragon 2 cartridge
  • Possibility of cartridge regeneration
  • White casing


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