Table filters


Geyser 1 filter is an ideal solution for small families. This filter belongs to the type of table filters. Therefore, it is installed independently without participation of a specialist. It is connected directly to a water-supply tap. There are no problems with dismantling: The filter can be turned out from the tap at any convenient time.


  • Thanks to unique technologies of Aragon material, Geyser 1 filter ensures the highest degree of removal of chlorine, organic compounds, iron, hardness salts, heavy metals, and even viruses including hepatitis A virus.
  • The purified water acquires properties useful for health and pleasant taste, appreciably improving the taste of tea, coffee, and any home-made meals.
  • The limiting water volume purified by the filter is up to 7000 l, which allows its use for no less than a year without cartridge replacement.
  • The purified water is fed from the filter at a high rate, quickly filling kitchen vessels.
  • Geyser 1 filter is produced in modifications conditioning water, mineralizing soft water, and removing hardness salts (i.e., softening water).
  • The filter is conveniently arranged on a wash-bowl; it occupies small space and, if necessary, can be transferred with you to another residence.

Choosing a model

Geyser 1 filter is produced in three main modifications:
Geyser 1 UK euro – is used for soft water and for hard water with low iron content
Geyser 1 U euro – is used for soft water, providing its mineralization
Geyser 1 UZh – is used for hard water with high iron content

Model design

Geyser 1 UK euro filter consists of CBC cartridge produced by the carbon block technology from high-quality coconut charcoal. The cartridge material incorporates a bacteriostatic silver additive suppressing reproduction of bacteria inside the cartridge. The CBC cartridge got the International NSF Certificate, which assures the highest purification quality.

Geyser 1 U euro and Geyser 1 UZh euro use unique material Aragon developed by the Geyser Company. Inside the Aragon cartridge there is an additional cartridge of activated coconut charcoal, manufactured by the carbon block technology. It excellently removes chlorine and improves the taste, color, and odor of water.

Unique specific features of Aragon filtering material used in Geyser 1 filter ensure exhaustive removal of all the occurring contaminants: chlorine, iron, heavy metals, and also bacteria and viruses, including hepatitis A virus, at a rate of 1.5 l/min. All the known water treatment methods are used in a single cartridge of the filter: mechanical filtration, ion exchange, sorption, and disinfection with silver.

Aragon itself prompts when it becomes necessary to replace the cartridge, with self-indication of the end of the operation life: As the operation life comes to the end, the pure water flow rate sharply decreases.

Purification efficiency

Contaminants Beginning of operation life Middle of operation life End of operation life
In soluble particles, rust, sand, silt particles coarser than 1 μm 100% 100% 100%
Iron 99% 99% 97%
Heavy and radioactive metals 100% 100% 98%
Available chlorine 100% 100% 99%
Organic compounds, carcinogens, pesticides 99% 99% 97%
Hepatitis A virus and Escherichia coli 100% 100% 100%


Filter installation

The filter installation is extremely simple. A special unit, diverter, is turned on a water-supply tap. Diverter has a very compact size and looks like a continuation of a water-supply tap. Owing to adapters, the diverter can be readily fixed on all taps, both Russian and imported. The filter stands on the table top in the immediate vicinity of the wash-bowl.



Filter operation

Control of the filter operation is simple and clear. Just turn the switch on the diverter and collect pure water. Turn the switch back, and tap water will flow to the wash-bowl. For example, it is unnecessary to use filtered water for dish washing. A convenient stainless-steel tap for pure water allows collection of pure water practically in any vessel without additional movements.

Cartridge replacement

The cartridge replacement in Geyser 1 filter is extremely simple and convenient. For this purpose, it is necessary to unscrew the flask, remove the spent cartridge, insert a new one in place of it, and screw the flask back—and the filter is ready for use.

It is very important that the cartridge can be regenerated at home, which increases its operating life by a factor of 2. For this purpose, withdraw the charcoal insert and regenerate the Aragon cartridge following the instruction supplied with the filter.

Regeneration of Aragon cartridge will appreciably reduce the filter maintenance expenses.

Geyser 1 UK euro

  • Filter for purification and conditioning of water
  • Cartridges of pressed activated charcoal (carbon block) with bacteriostatic silver additive certified by NSF (CRT.062303.02124001.R1).
  • Produced in a transparent casing

Geyser 1 U euro

  • Filter for purification and mineralization of soft water
  • Activated charcoal insert
  • Aragon M cartridge
  • Dosing units for calcium and magnesium
  • Possibility of cartridge regeneration
  • Produced in transparent and white casings

Geyser 1 UZh euro

  • Filter for hard water purification
  • Aragon 2 cartridge
  • Possibility of cartridge regeneration
  • Charcoal insert U
  • Produced in transparent and white casings
  • Geyser 1 UZh (I) modification includes iodine dosing unit



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