Jar filters


A way to obtain pure water quickly and simply. Water is purified before your eyes in any place: at home, in a cottage or bungalow, and even on a hike or picnic.

  • Jar filters are the most “democratic” class of pouring filters. They do not require connection to water supply. You should simply pour water into them. You can use your filter both in a town and in a country. It is important only to replace the cartridge at due time.
  • Only Geyser cartridges are tuned to unique natural features of water and protect form iron, chlorine, heavy metals, and hardness salts dissolved in water. They eliminate unpleasant taste and odor, improve the water color.
  • Only Geyser cartridges combine five levels of water purification.
  • All the Geyser cartridges are universal and suitable for any model of Geyser jar filters, and with a special adapter, to filters from other producers.
  • Only Geyser cartridges have screwed fixation on the receiving funnel of the jar, which excludes penetration of crude water into purified water.
  • Geyser cartridges preserve the natural level of mineralization in the purified water.

Models of jar filters

The Geyser Company produces three models of jar filters: Aquarius, Gryphon и Amigo

in which 3 types of cartridges can be used: universal, for hard water, and bactericidal.

Protection from chlorine and rust

Universal cartridge (models 501/301) solves the most common problem related to tap water: presence of chlorine and rust, i.e., dissolved iron. Water passes through a mixture of ion-exchange resins and Aragon material, getting fully free of chlorine and rust. Active silver incorporated in the cartridge suppresses reproduction of bacteria and viruses. Coconut charcoal eliminates unpleasant taste and odor, and mechanical filter removes insoluble particles. After the treatment water becomes pure and suitable for use at your home!

Protection from hard water

Scale on a teapot is unpleasant. However, this is not the major problem. Tea in hard water is brewed badly. Hard water has unpleasant taste and can cause formation of kidney stones.
Cartridges for hard water (models 502/302) fully solve this problem, making water soft and safe. The ion-exchange resin contained in the cartridge removes from water excessive hardness salts. Aragon material ensures complex decontamination of water from harmful impurities, active silver suppresses reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, and coconut charcoal imparts to water pleasant taste. Hard water purified with 502/302 cartridges becomes tasty, soft, and suitable for everyday use. There will be no more scale on your teapot!

Protection from bacteria

Water frequently contains not only visible but also invisible contaminants such as bacteria. Disinfection of water, especially under rural conditions, is a complicated problem. The bactericidal cartridge (model 505) is intended specifically for reliable protection from bacteria. Geyser bactericidal cartridge is capable of reducing the Escherichia coli content by a factor of 60 (checked by the Pasteur Research Institute). The level attained by the majority of other cartridges available on the Russian market is much lower.

Owing to the presence of a special mixture of resins including unique Aragon material, this cartridge reliably removes bacteria, and active silver fully suppresses their reproduction. Coconut charcoal fully restores the water taste, and the mechanical filter retains insoluble impurity particles. Water purified with a bactericidal cartridge becomes pure and safe!

Purification efficiency

Contaminants Beginning of operation life Middle of operation life End of operation life
In soluble particles, rust, sand, silt particles coarser than 1 μm 100% 100% 99%
Iron 99% 99% 97%
Heavy and radioactive metals 100% 100% 98%
Available chlorine 100% 100% 99%
Organic compounds, carcinogens, pesticides 99% 99% 97%
Hepatitis A virus and Escherichia coli 100% 100% 100%


Types of cartridges

Two size types of Geyser cartridges are produced:

Series 500

Universal (Geyser 501), limiting purified water volume 500 l.
For hard water (Geyser 502), limiting purified water volume 400 l.
Bactericidal (Geyser 505), limiting purified water volume 250 l.


Series 300

Universal (Geyser 301), limiting purified water volume 300 l.
For hard water (Geyser 302), limiting purified water volume 250 l.



Design of jar filters

The design of Geyser jar filters is surprisingly simple and convenient. They consist of a jar, a receiving funnel, and a replaceable filtering unit.

Preparing for use

Geyser jar filters can be prepared for use within a few minutes.



1. Open the individual packing.






2. Wash the filter with a dilute soap solution.






3. Screw the cartridge clockwise into the receiving funnel.         






4. Pass through the filter 2–4 l of water until it becomes transparent.


5. Pour out the passed water.


The filter is ready for use!


Operation of jar filter

Water is poured into the receiving funnel. Then water flows by gravity through the filtering medium of the cartridge. In the process, all the harmful impurities are removed, with the optimal level of mineralization with useful microelements preserved. The purified water is accumulated in the lower part of the jar.

Approximate operation life and capacity of cartridges

Cartridge type Limiting purified water volume, l Mean operation life, days
1 person 2 persons 3 persons
Universal 500 90 60 30
For hard water 400 75 50 25
Bactericidal 250 45 30 15

Geyser Aquarius

  • Convenient (water can be poured in without taking off the lid)
  • Increased volume
  • Indicator of time to replace cartridge
  • Modern fashionable design of the filter
  • German plastic of food quality
  • Non-sliding handle and balanced center of gravity make the filter comfortable for use by ladies
  • Can be washed in a dishwashing machine

Geyser Gryphon

  • Tight lid allows pouring of already purified water from the jar before filtration completion
  • German plastic of food quality
  • Smart filter design
  • Non-sliding handle with a plastic lap. Can be conveniently accommodated in any refrigerator
  • Can be washed in a dishwashing machine

Geyser Amigo

  • Special material of the filter makes it absolutely unbreakable, which is especially important for families with small children
  • Unique design of the filter in the Japanese style
  • Special dull surface masks small scratches that can appear during use
  • Is conveniently accommodated on the refrigerator door shelf
  • Can be washed in a dishwashing machine
  • Super-light-weight, convenient in trips

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