Geyser Arctic


Crystal clear hot and cold water in an office or flat in any time of day and night.


  • Coolers of the Arctic series use as purification system Geyser 2 or Geyser Prestige P filters
  • Water produced by the dispenser is not inferior in consumer properties to water in bottles and meets the State Standard (GOST) requirements, being considerably cheaper
  • The flow dispenser is connected to the water-supply system. Water undergoes multistep purification in the filtration system built in the cooler. Water is heated with an electric heater and cooled with a thermoelectric unit
  • Built-in system for disinfection with active silver
  • Double system for overflow protection (electronic and mechanical sensors of water level)
  • Simple and convenient connection to water supply
  • Can be installed in any convenient place, because the distance from the cooler to the site of connection to water supply can reach 200 m
  • Arctic cooler is five times more efficient economically than a cooler with water in bottles!

Choosing a model

Flow cooler Geyser Arctic is produced in three modifications:

  • With electronic cooling: for household use and in offices with a small number of staff members.
  • Without cooling: water at room temperature is used


Technical characteristics
Modificaiton 1
Modification 2
Modification 3
Additional cooling of cold water
To 10°
To 10°
Power supply voltage
220 V, 50 Hz
Power consumed
600 W
650 W
650 W
Working pressure
2.5–7 atm
Productive capacity
Hot water (90–95°)
5 l/h
4 l/h
4 l/h
Cold water (10–15°)
2 l/h
2 l/h
Purification system
Geyser 2
Geyser 2
Geyser Prestige P
Overall size
330310990 mm

Design and characteristics of Geyser Arctic cooler

The cooler is installed on the floor. The purification system is arranged in the lower part of the casing, and the accumulation tank, device for water cooling and heating, and control panel, in the upper part. The dispenser is equipped with a double system for protection from water overflow (electronic and mechanical level sensors)

Operation of Geyser Arctic cooler

Water from the water-supply system is fed to the filter and then to the buffer vessel in the upper part of the dispenser, wherefrom it is fed to the heating and cooling vessels. The vessel filling after the first connection takes approximately 5 min. After that, the dispenser is ready for use. Control of the dispenser operation is simple and functional. All the switching buttons “Power,” “Heating,” “Cooling,” and also the keys for collection of hot/cold water are located on the front panel.

Geyser Arctic

  • Geyser Arctic cooler is intended for exhaustive purification, heating, and cooling of potable water.
  • The water purification and disinfection with active silver are provided by a built-in Geyser 2 filter.
  • Double system for protection from water overflow (electronic and mechanical level sensors).
  • Simple and convenient connection to water supply (distance up to 200 m)
  • The productive capacity of the system corresponds to water consumption by 15–20 persons


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