Tap adapters


The smallest, the most compact, and the cheapest of all water filters produced by Geyser, preserving at the same time the highest purification quality. The tap adapter can be connected to any water-supply tap.

  • Geyser tap adapters are provided with a switch of operation modes with/without purification, which allows saving of the cartridge operation life when crude water can be used, e.g., in dish washing.
  • Unique material Aragon is used only in Geyser tap adapters.
  • Geyser tap adapters remove from water available chlorine, organic and chlorinated organic compounds, petroleum products, iron, hardness salts, heavy metals, and even viruses including hepatitis A virus, and also other harmful substances.
  • Water purified with Geyser tap adapters acquires properties useful for health and good taste appreciably improving the taste of tea, coffee, and any home-made meals.
  • The limiting water volume purified by the filter is up to 3000 l, which allows its use for no less than a year without replacing the cartridge. The filtration rate is 0.5–1 l/min.
  • The filter is conveniently arranged on a water-supply tap and occupies no space in the kitchen. If necessary, it can be readily transferred with you to another residence.

Choosing a model

The Geyser Company produces two models of tap adapters: Geyser Vita and  Geyser Euro.

Filter design

The tap adapter includes a cartridge of unique material Aragon developed by the Geyser Company.
Unique specific features of Aragon filtering material ensure exhaustive removal by the filter of all the occurring contaminants: chlorine, iron, heavy metals, and also bacteria and viruses including hepatitis A virus, at a rate of 1.5 l/min.

All the known water treatment methods are used in a single Aragon cartridge: mechanical filtration, ion exchange, sorption, and disinfection with silver.
Aragon itself prompts when it becomes necessary to replace the cartridge, with self-indication of the end of the operation life: As the operation life comes to the end, the pure water flow rate sharply decreases.

Purification efficiency

Contaminants Beginning of operation life Middle of operation life End of operation life
In soluble particles, rust, sand, silt particles coarser than 1 μm 100% 100% 100%
Iron 99% 99% 97%
Heavy and radioactive metals 100% 100% 98%
Available chlorine 100% 100% 99%
Organic compounds, carcinogens, pesticides 99% 99% 97%
Hepatitis A virus and Escherichia coli 100% 100% 100%


Filter installation

The filter installation is extremely simple. The filter is turned directly on a water-supply tap.




Filter operation

The control of the filter operation is simple and clear.
Just one turn of the switch (diverter) on a Geyser Euro filter, and you can collect pure water (for the photo of Geyser Euro, see above).

For a Geyser Vita filter, the casing itself acts as a switch. By turning the casing, you can either collect pure water or feed tap water directly to the wash-bowl. For example, use of filtered water is unnecessary for dish washing.



Cartridge replacement

The cartridge replacement in these filters is extremely simple and convenient. For this purpose, it is necessary to unscrew the filter casing with a special wrench included in the kit, to remove the spent cartridge, to insert in its place a new cartridge, and to screw the casing back—and the filter is ready for use.

Regeneration of Aragon cartridge will allow you to considerably reduce maintenance expenses.

Geyser Euro

  • Filter for purification and conditioning of water
  • Switching of water flow with a diverter
  • Aragon cartridge
  • Produced in a silvery casing


Geyser Vita

  • Filter for purification and conditioning of water
  • Switching of water flow with the filter casing
  • Aragon cartridge
  • Produced in nontransparent casing



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