Geyser Typhoon


Universal main-line filter Geyser Typhoon for hot and cold water. It purifies cold water in a flat to the potable water quality, removing hardness salts, iron and heavy metal ions, petroleum products, chlorine, foreign odors, and also rust particles and other mechanical impurities.


  • Comprehensive purification of hot and cold water with Aragon 3 cartridge. Purification of cold water to potable water quality
  • The filter is adapted to the world cartridge standard Big Blue 10, 20
  • Combination in one filter of mechanical clearing to remove insoluble particles with ion-exchange and sorption treatment to remove dissolved chemical impurities
  • Elimination of scale by the reagentless method owing to quasi-softening effect
  • Increased operating life of the filter and absence of corrosion of internal parts, owing to the use of specialty stainless steel of 304L grade
  • High reliability of the Geyser Typhoon filter. It operates for many years with hot water even under the conditions of pressure jumps.
  • Bacteriostatic effect ensured by active silver in the metallic form.
  • Additional maintenance saving, because Aragon 3 cartridge can be used repeatedly (can be regenerated at home).
  • Simple connection to the main-line and simple replacement of the cartridge, without using additional wrenches
  • Special valve for relieving excess pressure and a hole for discharging filtered-off precipitates.

Purification performance of Aragon 3 cartridge

Purification performance of Aragon 3 cartridge
>2-μm particles
95 %
Lead, zinc, cadmium, cesium
95 %
92 %
95 %
95 %
Petroleum products
90 %

Filter design


The filters are arranged in a dismountable flask made of high-quality steel of 304L grade.

AISI 304L (Russian analog according to GOST (State Standard) 03Kh18N11) is, among all the grades of stainless steels, the most versatile and the most widely used in the world owing to its high corrosion resistance and temperature stability.

The replaceable filtering element, Aragon 3, is arranged inside the metallic casing. The flask is clamped with a yoke allowing quick replacement of cartridges without using special wrenches. The filter has a special valve for relieving excess pressure inside the filter.

On the bottom of the flask there is a special hole for discharging the filtered-off precipitate. The supply kit includes a special clamp.

Filter installation

The filters are fitted in the water-supply main-line. For convenience in use, the system can include a by-pass and a cut-off ball valve.

The supply kit includes a special clamp for filter installation. When choosing the place for installation of the main-line filter, it is important to remember that at certain periods the cartridge should be replaced by unscrewing the flask. Therefore, the filter should be installed in an accessible place, with a free space below it of no less than 2/3 of the flask height.

Cartridge replacement




1. Cut off water in the main-line



 2. Unscrew the stopper and pour out residual water from the filter



  3. Unscrew the yoke and detach the flask



 4. Remove the spent cartridge from the flask



5. Arrange a new cartridge in the filter



 6. Fix the flask with the yoke



 7. Screw the stopper


   8. Open the main-line valve





The filter is ready for use!

Overall dimension and engineering solutions of Geyser Typhoon 10 filter








Geyser Typhoon 10 VV

  • Casing standard  Big Blue 10"
  • Productive capacity  20-25 l/min
  • Cartridge type ragon 3
  • Stainless steel casing 304L 


Geyser Typhoon 20 VV

  • Casing standard  Big Blue 20"
  • Productive capacity  20-25 l/min
  • Cartridge type ragon 3
  • Stainless steel casing 304L



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