Geyser Prestige 2



The first commonly accessible reverse-osmosis system!
The pretreatment block specially developed by the Geyser Company fully substitutes the three-step prefiltration system used in common reverse-osmosis filters. High-throughput Vontron membrane allows the Geyser Prestige 2 system to operate without an accumulating tank.


  • The filter is three times cheaper than common reverse-osmosis systems, and its cost is comparable with that of a three-step cartridge filter.
  • The filter is five times smaller than classical reverse-osmosis systems, which allows its installation in any, even very small, kitchen.
  • Prestige 2 can be used with any tap water. The minimal required pressure in the main-line is as low as 1.5 atm.
  • The operation life of the pretreatment unit is increased owing to self-cleaning of the mixture of filtering components.
  • The operation life of the membrane is increased to 3 years owing to an additional ultrastrong coating.
  • Minimal maintenance expenses: only two replaceable elements: membrane and pretreatment unit.
  • Assured removal from water of chemical impurities, bacteria, and viruses.
  • The filter installation is extremely simple and does not require special knowledge.

Placement on a kitchen




«Geyser Prestige»



«Geyser Prestige 2»

Geyser Prestige

Below is information on Geyser Prestige 2 filters, but you can also get information on «Geyser Prestige».

Purification efficiency with Geyser Prestige 2 system

Components Removal efficiency, %
Heavy metals (lead, mercury, strontium, silver, etc.) 99
Calcium 99
Magnesium 99
Aluminum 99
Chlorides 99
Sulfates 99
Bacteria and viruses 99

Pretreatment unit

Water pretreatment in the Geyser Prestige 2 system is provided by a multicomponent filtering charge of combined action.

The limiting volume of water being purified is 6000 l (replacement once in 6 months recommended). 





Reverse-osmosis membrane

The water purification in the Geyser Prestige 2 system is mainly performed with a Vontron reverse-osmosis membrane developed on the basis of the American technology. It has a special additional protective layer considerably prolonging the service life.

The membrane porosity is 0.0001 μm. The pore size is comparable with the size of water molecules; therefore, the water purification efficiency can reach 99.9 %. The limiting purified water volume is 3500 l.

The recommended life of the membrane is 1–3 years.

Operation life of filtering elements in Geyser Prestige 2 series filters and mean volume of water th

Type of filtering elements
Operating life, months
Limiting purified water volume, l
Pretreatment unit
6000* (crude water)
12 -36
3500* (purified water)


 *   The figures are approximate and depend on the initial water quality.

Filter design

The pretreatment unit and reverse-osmosis membrane are arranged in separate casings. All the units are combined in a common system accommodated under a wash-bowl, with a separate tap for purified water arranged.

Quickly detachable connectors of John Guest type, made of hygienic plastic, allow all the required connections to be made even by an amateur.

The pretreatment procedure in Geyser Prestige filters is developed for a typical level of water contamination. It protects water from the baneful effect iron compounds, heavy and radioactive metals, and available chlorine.

Presentation film

Filter installation

All the parts required for connecting the filter are included in the kit with the filter.




The filter is connected in the stationary mode to the cold-water main-line, with arrangement of a separate tap for purified water.



A special adapter with a cut-off valve is arranged in the cold-water main-line.



The drainage line of the filter is discharged to the sewage.





Replacement of the pretreatment unit




1. Cut off the water supply to the filter



 2. Detach plastic pipes from the pretreatment unit



  3. Unscrew from the pretreatment unit the tube connection joints












   8. Connect flexible hoses to the unit


 9. Open water-supply valve on the T-adapter. Pass water through the filter for 20 min.





The filter is ready for use!

Membrane replacement




1. Cut off the water supply to the filter



2. Detach plastic tubes from the membrane unit



 3. Remove the spent unit from the clamps






 4. Unscrew the plastic lid of the membrane unit



  5. Remove the spent membrane



 6. Take a new membrane from the pack and arrange it in the casing




 7. Screw the membrane unit lid and arrange the unit on its place, observing the inlet/outlet sequence. Attach flexible hoses to the unit.




 8. Open the water-supply valve on the T-adapter. Pass water through the filter for 20 min.



Instructions for installation and replacement of filtering units

You can download the instruction for installation and replacement of filtering units.



Geyser Prestige 2

Filter for deep purification of water without accumulation tank.


  • Vontron reverse-osmosis membrane with prolonged operation life and enhanced wear resistance
  • Compact pretreatment unit
  • Tap no. 1 for pure water
  • Produced in a white casing

Developed by OneStar Studio


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