Geyser Prestige


Maximum possible degree of purification in combination with mineralization makes it possible to obtain ideally pure and tasty water useful for humans. The Geyser Prestige system is water from mountain springs at your home.


  • Membrane systems are widely used owing to the possibility of purifying water of extremely high hardness, more than 10 mg-equiv/l. With such water, the capacity of common ion-exchange materials is exhausted very quickly, which makes necessary their frequent regenerations.
  • The Geyser Prestige system has no competitors in the purification efficiency. It removes virtually all the known contaminants. A reverse-osmosis membrane separates water fed to it into pure water and impurity concentrate, which is drained off. This is due to the fact that the membrane pore size corresponds to the size of water molecules, whereas all the impurities have a considerably larger size.
  • The Geyser Prestige system uses the most advanced membranes produced by Vontron Company, with increased the operation life. This is the latest development with an additional protective layer, which allows the baneful effect of iron and hardness salts on the membrane pores to be considerably reduced, and thus the operation life of the membrane to be prolonged. Vontron membranes were certified according to NSF international standard. However, not all the microelements should be removed from water. The majority of physicians believe that fully purified water is hazardous for health.
  • Only with the Geyser Prestige system the natural quality is returned to the purified water owing to the use of a special mineralizer for reverse-osmosis systems. This mineralizer was developed by the Geyser Company on the basis of exclusively natural components, and it saturates pure water with useful calcium and magnesium salts. Thus, water purified with the Geyser Prestige system is close in its properties to spring water or thawed glacial water. Some models of the Geyser Prestige system allow selection of the water type with mineralization or without it. For this purpose, two-key tap no. 7 is used.
  • The pretreatment system of the Geyser Prestige filter uses cartridges of the Slim Line standard, which allows reliable removal of contaminants from the water being fed. Only cartridges of the Slim Line standard can assure high degree of purification and long operation life.


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