Replaceable membrane elements


Reverse-osmosis membranes

Replaceable rolled reverse-osmosis element for ultrafine purification of water to remove ions of dissolved impurities, organic compounds, and microorganisms. It has an additional protective layer protecting the membrane from the baneful effect of iron and hardness salts.

Ultrafiltration membrane

Used for removing insoluble impurities, iron, colloids, and microorganisms.

Reverse-osmosis membrane

  • Additional protective layer extending the operating life
  • Produced by Vontron, USA
  • Water temperature 4–35°C
  • Porosity 0.0001 μm
  • Working pressure 2.5–8 atm
  • Productive capacity 200 l/day

Ultrafiltration membrane

  • Water temperature 4–35°
  • Porosity 0.1–0.01 μm
  • Standard 10 Slim Line




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