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Household filters

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Stationary filters

Household three-step filters

The most perfect and optimal water treatment system for household use. It ensures supply of unlimited amount of potable water from a separate pure water tap. Unique protection of your family from any contaminants that can get into the water-supply system, including breakthrough of sewage and contamination with radionuclides. Geyser 3 is one of the best filters on the Russian market, with optimal value for money and convenience in use.

Two-step housefold filter

If you already have a main-line filter for your flat, Geyser 2 filter is an ideal choice. This filter ensures as excellent protection as does Geyser 3, but without the first step of mechanical clearing. This function is fulfilled by the main-line filter.

Geyser 2 is a reasonable choice for everyone who takes care of the potable water quality at home.

Jar filters

Aquarius, Gryphon, Amigo

A way to obtain pure water quickly and simply. Water is purified before your eyes in any place: at home, in a cottage or bungalow, and even on a hike or picnic.

Tap adapters

Geyser Euro, Geyser Vita

The smallest, the most compact, and the cheapest of all water filters produced by Geyser, preserving at the same time the highest purification quality. The tap adapter can be connected to any water-supply tap.

Table filters

Geyser 1

Geyser 1 filter is an ideal solution for small families. This filter belongs to the type of table filters. Therefore, it is installed independently without participation of a specialist. It is connected directly to a water-supply tap. There are no problems with dismantling: The filter can be turned out from the tap at any convenient time.

Household reverse-osmosis systems

Prestige 2

The first commonly accessible reverse-osmosis system!
The pretreatment block specially developed by the Geyser Company fully substitutes the three-step prefiltration system used in common reverse-osmosis filters. High-throughput Vontron membrane allows the Geyser Prestige 2 system to operate without an accumulating tank.


Maximum possible degree of purification in combination with mineralization makes it possible to obtain ideally pure and tasty water useful for humans. The Geyser Prestige system is water from mountain springs at your home.

Main-line filters


Filters of this type are installed on the water-supply main-line of a house, bungalow, cottage, or flat. Therefore, they are termed main-line cartridge filters. The most widely used filters of this type are those with mechanical clearing cartridges.

Geyser Typhoon

Universal main-line filter Geyser Typhoon for hot and cold water. It purifies cold water in a flat to the potable water quality, removing hardness salts, iron and heavy metal ions, petroleum products, chlorine, foreign odors, and also rust particles and other mechanical impurities.

Cartridges and replaceable parts

Aragon cartridges

Aragon filtering material is a unique polymer of combined action, ensuring microglobular purification. It retains the finest mechanical particles and removes dissolved chemical impurities owing to its complex structure and to the sorption and ion-exchange mechanism. According to the Conclusion of the Pasteur Institute, Aragon filtering material completely removes from water all bacteria and viruses including hepatitis A viruses, noroviruses, and rotaviruses. Silver in the metallic form, incorporated into the polymer structure, suppresses reproduction of the filtered-off bacteria and viruses.

Aragon 3

Aragon 3 cartridge is the only cartridge combining a unique polymer whose three-dimensional globular structure ensures efficient purification with high-quality activated charcoal. Cold water is purified to the potable water level, and hot water will not damage the household plumbing equipment.

Cartridges to jar filters

All the cartridges have universal connection sizes. They are mutually replaceable and can be used in any models of Geyser jar filters: Aquarius, Gryphon, and Amigo (and also in jar filters from other produces, with special adapters used).

Cartridges based on activated charcoal

Intended for removing from water chlorine and organic and chlorinated organic compounds. Improve the color, taste, and odor of water.

Special-purpose cartridges

Contain special filtering materials for removing impurities of definite type (dissolved iron, excessive hardness salts, etc.)

Replaceable membrane elements

Replaceable rolled reverse-osmosis element for ultrafine purification of water to remove ions of dissolved impurities, organic compounds, and microorganisms.
It has an additional protective layer protecting the membrane from the baneful effect of iron and hardness salts.

Mechanical clearing cartridges

These cartridges are used for water treatment to remove mud, suspended particles, and insoluble impurities. This cheap cartridge is the first to come in contact with contaminated water, and it protects from rapid contamination the “heart” of Geyser filters, Aragon cartridges. Under the conditions of possible mud discharges into water-supply system, this is a simple and efficient way to protect fine purification cartridges.

Auxiliary parts for household filters

Auxiliary parts

Purified water taps, adapters, etc.

For cottages and enterprises

Household filters    For office    For countryhouse    

Filters Geyser - AquaChief

Filters of AquaChef series

Filters of this series use Ecotar multicomponent charge developed by the Geyser Company. The charge consists of cation-exchange resins with various granule sizes, a coarsely porous anion-exchange resin, a special inert resin, and an additional quartz support.

Bag filters

Geyser-4Ch, Geyser-8ChN

Filters are intended for purification of liquids (including corrosive liquids) to remove mechanical impurities. Filtration is performed with the surface of the bag-type unit of various porosities. Used for purification of hot and cold water, petroleum products, oils, solvents, paints, and salt solutions.

High productive capacity cartridge filters

Geyser 4, Geyser 8, Geyser 12, Geyser 16, Geyser 32

Filters are intended for afterpurification of cold and hot water to remove suspended particles and dissolved impurities at high flow intensity. It is recommended to use them with preliminary mechanical purification with the filtration threshold no more than 5 μm.

Reverse-osmosis installations

Geyser RO

Reverse-osmosis installations of the RO series are intended for desalination of water with the salt content of 5.0 g/l by low-pressure reverse osmosis. As filtering elements in installations we use rolled polyamide membranes produced by Vontron (China) and Hydranautics (USA) companies. Installations are supplied with a cartridge filter for mechanical clearing, a timer block for hydraulic washing, manometers filled with glycerol, and also (to order) a conductometer, a unit for dosing precipitate formation inhibitor, and a unit for chemical washing of membranes.

Devices for UV disinfection of water

Sterilight, UV

Disinfection of water is the necessary constituent of the water treatment system for food enterprises, nurseries, schools, and other institutions where water with assured absence of microorganisms is required. It is a good supplement to stationary household filters.

Filters with grained charge

Mechanical treatment filters series SF, SF Pyrolox, ion-exchanging series WS and Aqauachief

In its design, any quick filter with grained charge is a cylinder in which the regenerable filtering medium is arranged. The medium can be regenerated both using chemical reagents (prepared and stored in tanks supplied with the filter) and simply by back washing. For the back washing convenience, the filter can be equipped with a valve mechanism.

Automatic control valves

Devices for automatical mode control of grained charge filters

Filtering media and chemical reagents

Filtering materials, used in grained charge filters

Aeration devices

Used in deironing systems for water saturation with atmospheric oxygen, required for oxidation of dissolved iron with the subsequent deposition of the oxidized iron in a filter with catalytic charge, and also for blowing-off and oxidation of hydrogen sulfide.

Casings of bulk filters

Casings of bulk filters

Manual control adapters

Devices for manual mode control of grained charge filters

Dosing equipment

Dosing equipment is intended for proportional introduction of a definite volume of reagents continuously or in portions by the signal from a flow meter.

For office

Household filters    For cottages and enterprises    For countryhouse    

Coolers with cleaning system

Geyser Arctic

Crystal clear hot and cold water in an office or flat in any time of day and night.

For countryhouse

Household filters    For cottages and enterprises    For office    

Grained charge

Geyser Dachnik

Bulk filter for purification of water with increased content of hardness salts, iron, and manganese. The filter removes mechanical impurities and dissolved chemical compounds, eliminates odor, and improves the water taste, making it transparent.
The filter is produced in two modifications: for hard water and for iron-rich water.


Filters of AquaChef series

Filters of this series use Ecotar multicomponent charge developed by the Geyser Company. The charge consists of cation-exchange resins with various granule sizes, a coarsely porous anion-exchange resin, a special inert resin, and an additional quartz support.


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