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Geyser: Three decades of discoveries and achievements


 At the beginning of the 1980s, an extremely complicated task was put before staff members of the Khlopin Radium Institute in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg): to develop a process for treatment of water with a high level of radioactive contamination, suitable for use on atomic submarines.

The first materials were obtained by 1986 and were very successfully tested in the course of liquidation of consequences of the Chernobyl accident. The institute’s scientists synthesized a unique filtering material having no analogs in the world, ion-exchange microporous polymer Aragon. Specifically with this material, the water purification level was so high that the absence of not only common contaminants but also bacteria, viruses, and radionuclides could be assured. Specifically Aragon became a know-how on which the success of the Geyser Company is based.
In 1986, the institute’s scientists decided to apply their scientific potential to a new sphere, development of water-treatment systems for household use. Having combined their efforts, they founded the Geyser Company which initiated the development and production of household and industrial filters on the basis of the latest Russian technologies.

During the subsequent 23 years, the Geyser Company was actively developing, and by 2009 it became one of the leaders on the market of household filters and water-treatment systems.

The Geyser Company constantly improves its products. New materials and technologies have been developed in the research department of the company. Aragon was followed by Aragon 2, Aragon H, and Aragon S, which took into account specific features of hard and soft water. Ingenious models of multistep kitchen filters Geyser-3 Lux and Geyser-3 Elite, Geyser-Prestige reverse-osmosis filtration system, Gryphon, Amigo, and Aquarius jar filters, and also unique water-treatment systems for cottages, summer country residences, and suburban houses Geyser-AquaChief have been developed.
The latest development of the company’s specialists was a unique cartridge acting as a main-line filter and, at the same time, ensuring purification to the level of potable water, Aragon 3.

Achievements of specialists of the research department were pointed out by many institutes in Russia and other countries.

In 2003, tests of the Aragon ion-exchange polymer, performed by the Vienna State University, confirmed the quasi-softening effect. This unique property of the filtering unit assures scale protection of heaters.

In 2004, experts of the St. Petersburg Academy of Military Medicine drew a conclusion on water purified with Geyser filters: “Everyday use of water purified with Geyser filters leads to optimization of kidney functioning and considerably reduces the risk of calculus formation. It is recommended as a natural means for prophylaxis of urinary calculosis.”

In the same year 2004, the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (Siberian Branch) drew a no less impressive conclusion on water purified with Geyser filters: “Water treatment with Geyser filters makes it biologically active. Its use stimulates the vital activity and enhances the protective functions of a living body. It promotes rapid growth and regeneration of healthy cells of the body.”
In 2007, the Pasteur Research Institute tested Geyser filters and drew a conclusion that the filter fully retains even hepatitis A viruses, with the purified water meeting the potable water standards: “The ion-exchange cartridges tested, in combination with other Geyser cartridges, can be surely recommended for solving the problem of epidemiologically safe water consumption. Filters with Aragon cartridge can be recommended for permanent use in preschool, school, social, medical, and other institutions.”

In 2008, the Welthy Corporation dealing with pure water standards in Japan tested Geyser filters and confirmed that the filters ensure quasi-softening effect and that the purified water quality meets the most stringent requirements of Japanese standards: “Water purified with Geyser filters leaves no deposits on electric heating devices and meets the Japanese norms for the chemical composition of potable water.”

In 2008, repeated tests performed by the Pasteur Research Institute demonstrated absolute reliability of Geyser filters, compared to other filters, with respect to protection from Escherichia coli throughout the warranted life of the cartridges.

In the same year 2008, water purified with Geyser filters was tested at the International Institute of Esthetic Medicine. It was found that this water is not inferior to cosmetic tonics in its useful effect on skin: “Tap water purified by filtration with Geyser filters is a mild cleaning and moistening means and can be recommended for everyday use. It can also be used in combination with other procedures for face and body skin care, and also in the course of rehabilitation therapy after cosmetic procedures.”

The discoveries and inventions of Geyser Company were confirmed by more than 20 patents of the Russian Federation and are recognized by 28 foreign countries. Cartridges used in Geyser filters were successfully tested by NSF association (USA).

Today the Geyser Company is a modern research and production holding including:

  • research department with research laboratory
  • designing department
  • production of filters for industrial water treatment and wastewater treatment
  • production of high-quality plastic casings
  • assembling of filters

Branches of the Geyser Company have been opened in Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, and Krasnodar.

A network of firm shops of Geyser water-treatment equipment operates in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, and Krasnodar. It also includes a staff of highly skilled consultants in major hypermarkets.

The developed distributor network of Geyser covers all the regions and large cities of the Russian Federation (more than 120 cities).

Products of the Geyser Company are supplied to Germany, Bulgaria, Sweden, Norway, Greece, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, Spain, India, Mongolia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova, and many other countries.

Today the company has more than 700 staff members.

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